I’m currently attending the Wave hackathon at the Massachusetts GTUG. Here’s some code from a protocol-level Wave agent that I just demoed:

# Capitalize random words.
replace /\b(random|words)\b/i do |word|

# Shorten URLs.
replace /\bhttp:\/\/([^ ]+)/  do |url| 

In keeping with the traditions of hackathons, this agent is horribly fragile. It only works with FedOne’s console-based wave client, and it doesn’t handle annotations correctly.

Some earlier—and more robust—wave-related projects:

  • Pick Several: A gadget which implements approval voting. Written using GWT. Includes a reusable library for writing GWT-based wave gadgets.
  • BugLinky: A robot which links bug numbers to a bug tracker. Includes a reusable library for simple pattern-matching, text replacement and annotation.

Many thanks to GTUG and to Google for organizing this hackathon!