This website is designed to work well for a wide range of users--users with hearing or vision problems, users with mouse problems, and users with text-only browsers.

Access Keys

If you're using a modern Linux or Windows browser, you can press Alt-0 to view this accessibility statement, Alt-1 to return to the home page, Alt-5 to look at the by-date archive, Alt-6 to look at the by-story archive and Alt-9 to provide feedback. If you're using a modern Macintosh browser, substitute Control for Alt.

Some or all of these keys may be broken in certain browsers.

Content-First Design

When this site is viewed with a text-only browser, or with a speaking brower, the contents of each page appear before the navigation sidebars.

Logical Heading Structure

The <h1>, <h2>, and <h3> headings on this site are arranged in a clear logical hiearchy.