After a huge intermission, I've decided to start updating this page again. Right now, I'm working on two open source projects of interest: Gwydion Dylan and BlitzMail. Gwydion Dylan is rapidly approaching a stable 2.2 release as Peter Housel and others munch the critical bugs. Right now, I'm working on making Dylan conditions print to stderr instead of stdout, which requires a redesign of some of the Cheap-IO library's internals.

As for BlitzMail, it's now my full-time job. I'm officially working on IMAP support, but I've done a few other things along the way. The DND and Blitz servers now use autoconf and automake. The current beta of dndserv contains my Linux support, and I'm just in the process of cleaning up pthread portability problems before submitting the Linux port of blitzserv. Thus, the next public releases of these programs should run just fine on any glibc2 system.

RedHat's online ordering system just notified me (a week late) that my copies of 5.2, Powertools, Linux Library, the hard-cover LinuxDoc book and my new mousepad are on the way. Consider this a thank-you for paying Alan Cox and the Gnome guys to write free software.