I'm downloading Enlightenment out of anonymous CVS again, just to see how 0.14 works in real life. Call me a sucker for cute graphics, but I love this program.

I've decided to call my Mars-for-Guile port Deimos. The scheduler will use a delta-to-next-run-time list. This would store a list of all the available tasks, sorted by their next scheduled time to run. Actual run times would be expressed by a delta-time field, so the scheduler could update the list simply by popping the first item. Rescheduling a task requires calculating the next run time and sorting it into the delta list. Because high-frequency tasks will end up near the front of the list, and low-frequency tasks near the end, the amortitized reschedule time should be small. Of course, this might not be compatible with some of the desired scheduling policies, particularly :guarantee. Hmm.

Ooooooh. The new Enlightenment is very spiffy and very fast. Floating desktops are an interesting idea, but about an order of magnitude less intuitive than the multiple desktop implementation in 0.13. There still aren't any menus. Overall, Enlightenment is looking pretty good.