Installing TortoiseGit

Posted by Eric Kidd Sun, 11 Jan 2009 09:55:00 GMT

On December 12th, Frank Li released TortoiseGit 0.1. When we downloaded this initial release at work, we were underwhelmed:

git logOK, but not as good as gitk
git commitBroken

On January 4th, however, Frank Li released TortoiseGit 0.2. He’d been extremely busy:

git logOK, but not as good as gitk
git commitOK (except for add and rm)
git addBroken (see Bug 6 for workaround)
git rmBroken
git statusOK
git pullOK
git pushOK
SSHOK (tested with PuTTY)
git cloneAlways clones to home directory (see Bug 8)
Clean mergeOK
Conflicted mergeManual, as with command-line tool
SubmodulesNo support

Basically, TortoiseGit 0.2 is almost usable, and the project is proceeding at a breakneck pace. If you have Windows users that you want to migrate to Git—and who don’t want to use the command-line tool—it’s worth a look.

Installation instructions follow.